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Saif and Amrita - Divorce in process 2004

I can't forget Amrita, kids: Saif

Rumours swirl around the Amrita Singh-Saif Ali Khan marriage. Saif's philandering ways have allegedly taken a toll on the marriage, he has moved out, plans to move in with his Italian girlfriend -- but this is all mere speculation. No confirmation has come forth from the parties concerned. Till now.

TOI finally touched base with Saif. Since the news about his estranged marriage came out, Saif has been in London, evading the media and friends. "I don't know how such a personal thing became public. Maybe some common friends leaked it. It's very unnerving for me," he says.

The news has affected him very badly. "It's very upsetting for me. I am shattered. I've tremendous respect for Amrita. And how can I forget my kids?"

So what's he trying to say? Is a reconciliation on the cards? "But, obviously. I am trying to sort out everything day by day. We will get back together," he says, sounding hassled.

There have been reports of him seeing an Italian woman. "I am not talking about my personal life. It's nobody's business. At this point, anything I say will be misconstrued. Moreover, I think whatever is happening is too personal for me to discuss in public. But Dingy and I are surely working towards getting back. We've been there for each other and my family is important to me," he says.

Are they still in touch? "Of course I am in touch with Amrita. I call her everyday. Look, whatever happens, happens for the best! But I am very fond of Amrita -- I love her too much!"

Amrita Singh, these days, is taking solace in her kids Sarah and Ibrahim. A close friend says that Amrita is devastated and has completely shut herself off from most of the world.

She understandably refuses to take any calls that remind her of the pain and hurt. She keeps herself busy taking her children for speech therapy classes, and spending as much time with them at home.

Amrita hardly parties, but now, says the friend, that she is trying to go out and mingle with close friends. All efforts to reach her have been in vain.

An amicable talaq! - 2004

Last week a much celebrated film couple officially and finally parted ways but, surprisingly, without many tears, recriminations, admonitions and the heartache that normally accompanies such tragic events. Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh were, reportedly, formally divorced in a sombre talaq (their marriage had been solemnised in a Nikaahnaama) ceremony at the Lokhandwala home they once shared. In the presence of a few freinds to act as witnesses and some family members, the couple mutually parted ways, after a brief trial period of trying to work things out. Apparently they were talking, laughing and even sharing an odd joke or two through the solemn and sad ritual. And that's the best possible news for their children, who will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds with their parents. So while Saif will continue with his rising film career, Amrita plans to throw herself into work with a vengeance, to ease the transition. We wish them a great future.

Legal Eagle
[20 Feb 2007]
Taking Sides in the Amrita-Saif split

I have known Amrita long before she married Saif. After their marriage, Saif became very close to me. We met often and so it was a shock when suddenly I learnt that all was not well in the marriage. Whenever we met, they seemed very much in love. The bombshell came when Amrita told me, ‘Listen, this guy’s cheating on me.’ Neither of them wanted it to be messy because the children were involved. Of course, Saif was in a predicament because I was close to Amrita prior to their marriage so he had to go to another lawyer. But even that lawyer happened to be a close friend and associate, Kranti Sathe. Neither took a difficult stance so it was one of the easiest and most amicable divorce settlements that I have come across. Thankfully, Saif and Amrita sorted out the cheating factor between themselves before they came to me. They just said that they could not live with each other and opted for a divorce by mutual consent. The alimony was accepted and so was the permanent maintenance of the children.

There were phrases when Amrita would say, ‘He wants to come and meet the children. What should I do?’ I told her that he’s the father she would have to allow him. Earlier she would not want to be at home when he came but later they started meeting on a friendly basis. Even today they go to the parent-teacher meetings together.

Recently, when Saif’s car was taken in by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), I handled his case and my son went with him for the interrogation. It must have been difficult for Saif to come back to the lawyer of his wife. Even when Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was caught in the poaching case, Sharmila Tagore called me from Delhi.


roshni said...

pyar ho to aisa...
i was thinking but really we never understand who's fault to divorce?she is 12 years older than saif..may be because of age saif was upset?anyways...really sad story............

pinky said...

its better to leave the person instead of living with him....when he is cheating....this is the clear case of cheating done by saif with amrita...and today he is happy with kareena but what about amrita....she pretends to be strong but she only knows what she is facing

Ugyen Kezang said...

Old is the best,before going to the new ones.wathever may be think of your two kids without having dad.do you feel any sampthay to your kids safli.dont repeat this mistake again in your life time.

phulgen mahato said...
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phulgen mahato said...

look if amrita is 12 years older than saif ali khan then saif ali khan is also 10 yers lod than kareena after marriage of kareeena and saifali khan if kareena divorced saif for his older age then what will he do????

jaiveer said...

i am not agree with this becouse now talk to you hindi ...agar ladki badi hoto poblam main problam agar ladki apni age se kam ho to koi problam nahi why apne india me ye problams kb tak rahegi kis ne kaha tha saif ko jabardasti shadi ke liye or ab saheed jaise bro ka dil tudvakar shadi kr li kareena or ab ye bol de ga after some year ki iss ki age kam h...bollwood me ye sab ek game h i think....

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