Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saif- Rosa Split Imminent?[10 Jan 2007]

The split between Saif Ali Khan and his girl friend Rosa is imminent as their fighting in public has increased to an extreme level after the return from Switzerland, where they had gone to celebrate New Year. Saif’s children Sara and Ibrahim were also with them, which may have fuelled the fight on various issues. It was there that something very serious happened between them and now after their return Saif has informed Karan Johar that the couple won’t come together to shoot for the KOFFEE WITH KARAN. Though the set was ready for shooting but it had to be cancelled as Karan wanted both of them on the show but Saif was prepared to come alone only. Though the couple was seen together at an award function on Saturday, they have become inaccessible to even their friends. As one of Saif friends confirms, ‘ It obviously points to the fact that they are having serious problems this time. He wants time alone to sort out in his own mind.’

It may be recalled that Saif Ali Khan was earlier married to Amrita Singh and have two children Sara and Ibrahim from that marriage. He is now divorced from Amrita Singh and Rosa is her new girl friend. However, according to sources the fights between Saif Ali Khan and Rosa are not new and earlier too there was a very serious fight between them and at that time she had to be hospitalized. But this time the problem seems to be more serious and according to his friends, ‘ It does not look like the relationship will last for too long.’

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