Sunday, August 26, 2007

Learn from Heroes : Saif plus Amrita

My dear Indian Citizens- both men & women

Learn from the heros – remember in Bhagvad Geeta , Lord Krishna told Arjuna – “What ever a great man does, people usually follow”…so Saif can be called a great man for the following reasons :

1. he is seen in all boards, hoardings, film fares, magazines, Television. Cool? Cool.
2. He is seen in the latest mode of communication of Kalyug – Internet ! so lets cut a long story short – Saif is a great man – huge fan fare – has made him famous.

Now , the age of early 20’s , he decided to marry Amrita some - more than 10 years older to him! She must be 30 plus then. She was famously going around with Ravi Shastri (cricket player – washing his chaddi , baniyan etc – the reviews that we read at that point of time) – Ravi bid her good bye – heart broken but experienced in the nuances of Lovey-dovei-ness she and Saif came together and young Saif married her ! – as he must have seen around his biradari that “Love sees no age, caste etc. blah-blah!” – much to Sharmila Tagore’s (belonging to Rabindra Nath Tagore’s family tree, and also acted in the much talked about “Evening in Paris”Film – cough, ahem) and Pataudi’s disapproval.

But they married. When Saif became 30 plus , amrita became 40 plus. …did you understand dear people ? men turn naughty when they turn forty !! and women become cranky as they are nearing Menupause !

This is where the locha in marriage starts ! – S E X is an important factor in marriage – if you fail to satisfy physical needs of your spouse – he / she will look elsewhere ! (this bit of knowledge was brought to me by magazines like Cosmopolitan etc.).

That is what happened here ! why is everyone so surprised I do not understand !!

Points to note :

1. a man should be definitely older or the same age as the wife. Older by maximum 10 years – not more than that !

2. a woman seeks protection and security from her man – she should look up at her man – this way the children will learn to respect and look up to their father.

3. Mothers give emotional and psychological love & strength to the entire family – that is her basic duty. The father should look after the financial needs, security , protection and discipline – that is his basic duty. – these are the norms set by the ancient scriptures who were definitely more advanced than us as far as everything is concerned – except scientific technology I suppose….or even that was more advanced – some say !!

4. The testis can go on manufacturing sperms till 70 years or even more. Women menupause and the tendency to have “F sessions” gradually reduce..after a woman becomes a mother, she does not much enjoy IT…because of which ages ago 5 years old girls were married to 30 years old men !! but that was another wrong thing - as when the girl became 20 , her husband must have looked old and haggard in comparison to her – and obviously a 20 yrs old girl would have become promiscuous (seen the advt. Minto Fresh…”Pinjre` ki maina”) – a promiscuous mother gives birth to her kind of child..the children are basically mirrors of their parents …biologically also – intertwining of chromosomes and genes etc.- zygote – foetus- infant …etc.
5. so dear women do not marry guys younger to you and attract inevitable heart break towards yourself – same with the men – marry younger to you girls or same age girls or you will live with the wrath of the old haggard woman who was once up on a time your loving wife !!

by Aparn Gangopadhyay

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